Top Reasons Why People Have Opted For Vaping

If you are currently reading this article, then it is because you are most likely a current smoker looking for an alternative to conventional smoking. It is no secret that smoking in itself is unhealthy for you and frowned upon amongst society. However, it is not an easy habit to curb so for those of you looking for a better option, vaping fits the bill. It is understandable if you are wary of it, especially if you know nothing about the subject. Having said that, here you will find some of the main reasons as to why people all around the world have opted for vaping.


Again, the fact that regular smoking leaves a pungent, lingering odour behind is something that every smoker struggles with. Trying to siddle back into office as nonchalantly as possible after your smoking break, is not all that slick when you wander in with the smoke stench. Which is one of the main reasons as to why, people prefer vapes nowadays. There is pretty much no stink to worry about when it comes to vaping, because you are not exhaling smoke, you are exhaling vapor. No more side-eye from non-smokers who detest the smell wafting about you.


If there is one thing that every smoker complains about these days, it is the absurdly high cost of cigarettes. Over the years, prices have risen exponentially, mainly because of multiple campaigns against smoking. In a bid to reduce the number of smokers, governments around the world have hiked up the cost of cigarettes which has turned out to be ridiculously expensive for smokers in general. With vaping however, this is not the case. Though the cost of vaping can be high initially, that is to say the setup price, over time it works out to be cheaper than regular smoking. Another reasons why more smokers are looking into the option of vaping.


Non-smokers would probably argue that no kind of smoking is good for you, but well, when it comes to vaping, there is such a thing as safer. For starters, there is no bright red, burning hot cherry to worry about falling off and burning you or your clothes, which is something that has happened and continues to happen on a daily basis. What is more, since you are not actually setting the tobacco on fire, there are no fire-related accidents to worry about. This reason is not so much about health, but about the actual safety related to using fire. For instance, good e cig batteries are what powers them, not a lighter just for comparison.


The fact that second-hand smoking from conventional smoking is harmful for everyone around, is common knowledge. And one of the main reasons as to why people detest it. They often feel violated or threatened when smokers puff away around them, as they feel they are carelessly risking the public’s health too. So when you consider the impact vaping has on society and how much safer it is, it makes all the more sense to make the switch. If you use it at home and especially have children around, seriously looking at making a change.