Everything You Need To Know About ‘Vaping’

The term comes from the name of the product which is specifically an electronic device that vaporizes liquid and produces a lot of smoke like vapour that can be inhaled just like in a normal cigar. There has been a lot of discussion lately about the effects and the composition of this product so here is a quick rundown on what you should know: 

What Is It?  

The buy ejuice online is an electronic device that contains flavoured liquids which are usually manufactured by small-scale industrialists and business persons. These liquids are then vaporized and can be used as an alternative to the cigar or the pipe. This is not to be confused with the props that are used in movies, nor the cheap products sold in many convenience and drug stores that look exactly like an old-fashioned cigarette. 

How Does It Work? 

You can usually get e cig batteries online, while some may be charged. Most of them need replacement flavourings really quickly with best vaporizer Australia. The glycerine in the liquid produces a lot of vapour while the other compounds in the liquid hold the flavour.  

 Is It Good or Bad? 

This is the million dollar question. Technically these devices use very little to zero nicotine because it interferes with the flavour of the liquid, so it is healthier than if you lit one up. Market research has shown that the majority of the consumers who buy these are former smokers, now wanting to get more flavour out of their vapour and not wanting nicotine to affect their taste buds. Many people also buy these in order to quit smoking, hoping that the lack of nicotine will help their bodies adjust first and then they can kick the habit. As far as the adult population goes, vaping is not a problem. 

Where children are concerned however, there is a problem. Because they know that vaporizers do not pose the same threat as tobacco, vaping has become a young adult ‘trend’ like fashion or music. While there are no studies on this yet, some teens have been known to get hooked on these and when the high is no longer enough, graduate to tobacco. Thus, in the hands of those too young to understand the effects of their actions, even something as good as an alternative to smoking can backfire. 

Why Isn’t It More Famous? 

As always, big tobacco companies have tried to keep news of this device on the down low. Thanks to the internet however, people are starting to hear about vaping and even medical professionals are looking into recommending it as a tool for those wanting to kick their addiction to smoking. So next time you hear someone dissing it as a bad practice, ask them whether they’ve got their facts right and set the record straight.