How To Make Your Kitchen Feel New

Do you find yourself walking in to your kitchen and looking around at its too familiar walls and décor, wondering if it has always been this boring? Maybe you are wondering about how your home kitchen came to be so shabby, before you could notice it happening? If you had, then it’s probably because it’s the right time to give it an update. More often than not, most people ignore their kitchens, or only give their kitchen a simple coat of color, when the rest of the house gets its redecorations done. Here are a few tips on how to drive away that old and shabby feel, and make your kitchen feel new once more…

That old “paint trick”
A fresh coat of paint is a great way to make your kitchen feel new; but you need to do it the right way. Just like you might do with your bedroom walls, it’s important that you select a color carefully. Accent walls work very well in kitchens almost as well as they do for bedroom walls. Apart from giving your kitchen walls a fresh coat of paint, consider also giving your kitchen cabinets (at least the doors) a fresh coating of paint too…

update your kitchen furniture
It’s possible that since you bought your kitchen furniture, your family has grown. This makes your needs change too. If your children have grown and moved out, it’s possible that you might not need that large kitchen table. Instead, opt for a cute yet efficient kitchen breakfast bar or a chef’s bar. Eating perched on black breakfast bar stools can feel a little more intimate, and it also makes cleaning up a little easier. This is apart from the “new feel” it gives your kitchen, of course!

Update your appliances
Take a look around your kitchen. Do you have any appliance that is more than a decade old? While it still might be in useable condition (or is it, really?), there’s no doubt that you can benefit from getting an updated version of those appliances. Mostly, this happens with refrigerators, microwaves, ovens and stoves. Trade it in locally, or if you’re familiar with buying cheap furniture online Australia¸ you can even do so online.

Change something small
If you feel it’s not the best time to be changing and buying majorly, or if you’re not ready for it financially, you can still make your kitchen feel new. Make a few small changes. Check your cabinet pulls and knobs. Are they worn out or damaged by age? Get them repainted or replaced. It doesn’t cost you much, but it gives your kitchen an over-all new feel. Quite similarly, if your kitchen taps are outdated, having them replaced too can make your kitchen feel new. Think small, but think creatively.

Avoiding A Bathroom Nightmare

Stories of disastrous renovations are a dime a dozen. Everyone knows someone who has been taken down a hectic path of mistreatment and even stealing because the person they hired has not come to the proverbial party. You don’t want to be added to the long list of people who have been taken down this way, so the key for you is to research and find the ideal bathroom mirrors online that will suit your every need.

Bathroom renovators are advertised all over the internet and in print and in the yellow pages and on billboards. The options seem endless, so fine tuning and honing exactly what you are looking for is very important. You’ll need to be particular about what you want – and hopefully the people you eventually decide to hire will be up front about what they are going to give you.

The working relationship might end up being a lengthy one, so you want to be coupled with the right company or individual for the process, which can last as little as a week or as long as several months. One of the most important things to ascertain is whether or not the guys or gals you might hire have been officially endorsed or approved under the regulatory board they operate under. There is no being shy with this detail. If they can’t present the endorsement to you, they by and large don’t have it – and are hiding something questionable. Steer clear of these sort at all cost. You don’t want the bang for your buck being hurt by people trying to get away with short cuts.

Are the people you decide to go with equipped accordingly? If your job is a big one, do they have the correct amount of power and resources and recruits to handle the capacity of the job. It’s all okay if your specifics are small, but if your bathroom is of a big size and needs three or four people to complete the job in as many days, they must be provided. The maths just won’t add up if you have a huge large wall mirrors Australia, two days to have it completely renovated, and only two people working on it.

Granted, you might need to find a happy medium with the people you are working with. The people you have hired might only have three or four men at hand, but are prepared to work on the job for several days longer because of the lack of resources. Perhaps the chief plumber or electrician is even prepared to give you a financial discount for the inconvenience caused by the extra days. This is something the two of you can debate over a cup of coffee while standing at the doorway of the bathroom, plotting its new-look future.

Tips For Decorating Small Spaces

Whether you happen to prefer a minimalistic style of decoration, or whether you simply wish to enlarge the potential of a limited space, you have endless options when it comes to arranging a smaller space. Having a smaller space does not necessarily mean that you have to abandon your personal style preferences; on the contrary, a smaller space can lead to more innovative decoration and organization. With these considerations in mind, here are some tips on how you can decorate your available space.

Stick to a light color scheme with simple patterns
When it comes to decorating smaller spaces, you will need to eliminate unnecessary fuss in your décor, since this can make the room appear too cluttered. If you wish to give the illusion that the room is larger than it is, make sure that you select pale shades that make everything appear light and bright. However, a simple color scheme does not mean that you cannot include a wild and exciting pattern or two; even a muted color scheme can benefit from well-chosen accent pieces, so you have the option of including something loud and colorful. One of the more subtle ways that you can include an accent piece is to install a rug or a piece of wall art with interesting patterns. If you don’t have the time and energy to go looking for that perfect accent piece, you have simple alternatives. You can simply browse for designer rugs online, or even look for a special piece of art.

When looking for designer rugs online, you can easily calibrate your preferences and the price tag given the endless variety of items available. Look for any online stores that will help you streamline your decorating decisions, since you are more likely to find the perfect design fit for your home this way.

Use multi-functional pieces
With smaller spaces, you will need to be aiming for simplicity above all, so make sure to include as little furniture as possible, since this will make the room seem more spacious. Multi-functional pieces of furniture can also double as decorative elements, so selecting the perfect piece for your room will require a bit of thought and research. For instance, an ottoman with hidden storage, or a drop leaf table can prove to be quite a versatile addition to any space. Consider all the options for convertible furniture that can benefit the space and allow you to maximize its potential, and include a few well-chosen items. Make sure that your chosen piece complements your color scheme, so that the space can appear less cluttered.

Pointers To Choosing The Right Rugs Online

A throw rug will effortlessly bring a touch of homeliness and completion to any room. It is best to understand the purpose of having a rug in your home rooms before going around to buying it. This will save you a lot of time and money. Here are a few pointers to pick from:

In a home where there are a lot of pets and children, the tendency for dirt and mud to get through the rugs may have to be considered. Darker and textured rugs would be ideal for such a home.

The placement of the rug is one of the key factors for any room. Is the throw rug going to be the focal point and centered in the middle or with the most prominent furniture in the living room or is it in a bedroom by the edge of the bed? Rugs in these two different rooms serve two different purposes and it is important to keep this in mind. These rugs are available to be seen at throw rugs online and need not be seen at physical stores to make a decision.


The style of the space matters when choosing complementary accessories such as throw rugs online, the colours and themes of the existing room furnishing must match with the rugs.

The type of fabric

A throw rug essentially needs to give that homely touch when it is felt under our feet as well. For a softer feeling of warmth and comfort, natural materials such as cotton and wool are ideal. A lush, luxurious feeling can be felt with synthetic materials, the organic materials give a different kind of comfort however not everyone prefers this feel and this truly boils down to personal preferences when it comes to feeling comfort.


One of the main factors why most designer cushions are unwilling to try out different patterns and textures for rugs are because they are unsure if they will be trendy and in time with the next season designs and what not. This makes people always go for classic and minimalistic designs that have very neutral colours for example. While this may work for contemporary homes, it will not work for those with rustic, country or exotic type of living. Trying out exciting designs will help you keep up with the latest trends.


Spending a few extra dollars on a high quality will reap you benefits for a long time. However, if trends and re-decorating your home often is something that you are keen on doing, buying cheaper throw rugs or at discount stores would be the better option.